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Skylight Shades by Hunter Douglas

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Hunter Douglas Skylight Shades are back with the Duette® Skylight with Duolite with Powerview® for ease of control (manual control available). 

Skylights stream lots of light into a room, and needs window coverings just like other windows to block out the harsh rays and to prevent overheating a space. Hunter Douglas addresses those issues - from improving energy efficiency to eliminating glare. 


Choose between the Duette® Honeycomb Shades or the Duette Architella® Honeycomb Shades as these can accommodate the speciality shape of skylights. They also come in an array of textures, colours and pleat sizes, and are known for their insulating properties.


Check out this page at Hunter Douglas for more info.

TDBU Honeycomb Shades

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New Sticker
New Custom Blinds and Shades

Alta Window Fashions highly anticipated solution for

Top-Down/Bottom-Up Shades in Canada is here!* Their Cellular BandLift

Top-Down/Bottom-Up system allows you to operate your shades from two different directions for maximum variations in privacy and light control.


Alta's Cellular BandLift shares the same

high-quality aluminum band as their popular Faux/Wood BandLift system, so we know you'll love it. Here are a few more reasons to be excited:


  • Available on select ¾” Honeycomb and SoftStyle Cellular Shades

  • Over 185 SKUs in 2 opacities and in 15 different fabric families

  • Maximum size of 84” x 84” – the widest in Canada!

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